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Jun 18, 2007
Access Travel----Assisting the disabled people to realize their dream of traveling over the mysterious land of China and getting acquainted with her.

SATH (Society for Accessible travel & hospitality) is a non-profit organization that provides information to people with disabilities about tourism and travel. Our common mission brought us together and we are proud to announce that we have joined SATH as a member. gAccess Travel is dedicated to making travel dreams come true irrespective of anyonefs physical abilities,h says Huiling LU, of Access Travel gWe are happy to join SATH in their efforts to educate travelers with disabilities and provide them with safe, problem free travel experiences.h

As is known to all, 2008 Olympic Games is to be held in Beijing, China. Should you want to get an advance experience of its excellent accessible facilities and the sports arenas, please simply contact us.

Access Travel is China's professional tour operator dedicated to providing travel services for the physically and developmentally challenged. We are engaged in planning and customizing tours for you with your every special need accommodated. From the time you arrive in China, we would arrange everything, including airport transportation, accessible hotels, accessible vans, necessary equipments, personal care assistants and about anything else you can imagine for physically challenged clients and their able bodied companions.

Our Mission is to make full use of our expertise and resources to provide a safe and intriguing holiday and travel in China for the physically challenged. We will do our utmost to minimize the barrier and to maximize our guests' satisfaction.
Our Team takes great pride in our own Special Education, experiences in organizing adventurous tours and planning state-level travels as well as the specially trained personal care assistants, i.e. sign language interpreter, certified nurses etc. Our years of experiences and commitment to the noble cause for the disabled have put us as the ideal choice when it comes to travel with physical challenge.

Why Travel with China Access Travel

We are a group of people who are highly committed to improving the well-being of the disabled people.
China Access Travel is so far the only dedicated accessible tour operator in China.
China Access Travel provides travel services only for those physically challenged and their able bodied companions. We listen to your individual needs and expectation, take time and hard work in personalizing each trip for you.
China Access Travel has abundant resources and is fully equipped with a full pool of equipments for any special need.
Each hotel we recommend has been inspected and graded according to our rigid assessing criteria.
Besides professional foreign language speaking tour guides, personal care assistants would accompany those requiring them throughout the travel. Those assistants have been well trained to assist you to cross barriers when necessary if you are wheel chaired, and to communicate with you in sign language, should you have trouble with hearing and speaking. Meanwhile, certified nurses could also be sent upon request.
With ultimate support from the China Disabled People Federation and various other such domestic associations, we are more confident in this noble undertaking and will be unswervingly committed to same.

You may count on our experiences, knowledge, resources and detailed planning. Meanwhile, your safety and smoothness of the travel would be further guaranteed with the following actions we have taken:

Accommodation: Every hotel recommended to you has been personally inspected by us and has been carefully assessed to ensure it's accessible and suitable to your special needs. We use a rigid assessing process covering access and wheelchair maneuverability throughout the hotel. We assess everything from door width, bed height and ramp gradients to detail about floor surfaces, numbers of steps and the availability of special equipment, etc. And we have graded the hotels according to our findings.

Transportation: Rather than renting from other suppliers, China Access Travel owns dozens of comfortable vans and coaches equipped with ramps or lifts for wheelchair users. According to the tour size and requirements from the guests, the most appropriate van or coach would be dispatched, which would be at your disposal upon your arrival at the airport and accompany you throughout your travel.

Equipments: With your special needs and potential emergency that might happen in mind, we have purchased a variety of equipments ranging from walkers, canes, crutches, manual wheelchairs, electrical wheelchairs, scooters, grab-rails, wheel-in showers, oxygen etc, which would be provided to you upon your request.

Travel Companions: Throughout your tour, a driver and a professional your native language speaking guide would be with you, escorting you and introducing you vividly the scenic spots. Meanwhile, sign language interpreter trained though the China Disabled Peoples Confederation would accompany those with hearing troubles. For wheelchair users, slow walkers and the blind, we would have a staff to traveler ratio of 1:1. Those personal care assistants would be help them get on/off vehicles, get over barriers etc. Further, certified nurses would be also supervising those with diagnosed illnesses.

Tours: Each route has been inspected by us before hand to guarantee its accessibility for the physically challenged. It is our custom to recommend routes which would match your special needs, while ensuring your full experience of travel pleasure as those able-bodied. In addition to the safety consideration, most of the tours have been added with a fun and adventurous touch with your interplaying with Chinese local natives and enjoying the exciting activities we specially prepared for you

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.

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