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Braille Travel materials

Dec 22, 2006 announces its first round of Braille travel and tourism information is available as of November 23, 2006. These Braille Readable-only Files (BRF) are excerpted from popular published guidebooks (such as Lonely Planet and Fodor's), brochures, Tourism Authority websites, and newspaper travel sections such as The New York Times.

Persons who are blind must first register on the website. They must certify that they have legally blind status in their country of residence, that they will use Braille materials for research purposes only, and that they will not communicate the files to others.

Braille files available include Tibet, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Belize, Kenya, Tasmania, Greece, Italy, the City of Rome, Thailand, and an introduction to the World Heritage program.

All Braille format information is provided FREE OF CHARGE, upon request, to persons who are blind under 'fair use' or 'fair dealing' rights afforded by their country of residence and international copyright treaty (TRIPS). will also be pleased to provide Braille travel materials to persons who are blind for special situations. These might include destinations of interest to disabled veterans, athletes who are blind, persons who are blind traveling on tours, etc.

John Edwin Miller, a US Library of Congress Certified Braille Transcriber, has supervised all Braille transcriptions.

For further information, please contact: