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Cruising with DIETARY Restrictions

Cruising with Dietary Restrictions

Cruises have a reputation among many for offering sumptuous food in massive quantities – a seeming invitation to ill-health. Most people are unaware of the wonderful array of alternative choices available to those with dietary restrictions.

1. Aboard a modern cruise liner, every dining room menu contains items specifically designed for healthy dining. And don’t hesitate to ask your server for modest revisions of stock items.
2. Peruse the fare at the casual poolside Lido restaurant, and ask questions. For example, most ships routinely offer eggwhite omelets at all breakfast stations – you only need to inquire.
3. Have critical or multiple dietary requirements? Make sure you’re dealing with a knowledgeable cruise travel agency. Membership in CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) is an indicator – website: Then choose a knowledgeable agent predisposed to help you; membership in SATH is an indicator. Next, discuss your restrictions with an agent to determine whether she or he is willing to take the time to assist you.

This writer, a travel agent, has multiple dietary restrictions, most prominent of which involves restricted sodium intake. By prearrangement, during dessert service each evening in the ship’s dining room, the hostess arrives at my table with the following night’s menu, from which we select healthful items. The following evening, my selections are served, and where necessary, the chef has made revisions to accommodate my needs. Similar service can be arranged for you!

Choose the turkey sandwich instead of the pastrami at the shipboard deli – But, make sure you’re cruising, sailor.

See you at the ship’s spa?

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