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Cruising with Sight Impairment

Cruises are an excellent choice for individual with profound sight impairment. Why?

1. Cruise ships constitute a finite and secure space. One cannot easily wander into an insecure area to find oneself alone and unable to reconnoiter a return. Plus, all shipboard areas are quite secure relative to land venues. Regarding security, no one boards a typical modern cruise ship without photo ID and computerized photo confirmation of identity. Security systems are designed to ensure that there simply are no strangers aboard ship.
2. Cruise lines may operate six or more vessels whose design diagrams are identical or nearly so. Ship design is so expensive an undertaking that multiple ships are constructed with only cosmetic interior alterations. Near-identical blueprints are shared sometimes even among cruise lines. Furthermore, each ship may sail multiple itineraries. This means that once familiarized with a single cruise liner’s diagram, one may take numerous subsequent vacations with the comfort of familiar environs. Select your cruise line carefully, then sail the same line to enjoy a familiar environment each time. Book early, and request the same stateroom you enjoyed on your last cruise – it’ll be your home away from home.

3. Your first cruise: Deal with a knowledgeable cruise-specialist travel agency, preferably a SATH member agent, and one who knows the popular ships. You needn’t pay extra to do so, as most cruise lines provide smaller boutique agencies the same wholesale pricing as the major internet retailers. A knowledgeable agent will reserve a confirmed stateroom location, centrally located near elevators. Usually the center elevator bank is most convenient. Book your cruise with an agent willing to take the time – by phone or in person - to learn what activities and facilities you’re likely to utilize, and select a stateroom nearby.

4. Your agent may provide a tactile diagram of your stateroom layout, designating all furniture placement. No bumping into stateroom furniture from the moment you first enter! Most agents are unaware of the simple, readily available technology. If he or she is willing to provide this service but uninformed, ask your agent to call Away U Go Travel Corp. for advice, toll-free @866 292-9934 (866 AWAY WE GO). Your agent might charge for this service; the advice is free from Away U Go. Special Needs Departments of most lines will assist your agent in other matters as well. If you’ve selected an agent sensitive to special needs issues, there’ll be no problem.

5. The overwhelming majority of major cruise line vessels are relatively new builds. This means that they typically provide the features of modern accessible design, oral elevator announcements, Braille signage, etc.

6. Arrangements can be made for service animals, as required.

Cruising is a wonderful vacation experience for kids, seniors, and everyone in between.

Sea you soon!!!

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