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Nov 11, 2008

DISNEY WORLD JUST GOT EASIER FOR THOSE WITH HEALTH ISSUES and Off to Neverland Travel® Join forces to Support Travelers



Orlando, Fl. - November 11, 2008


Planning a trip to Disney World with health conditions can be complex and time consuming. To simplify the process, two companies that specialize in supporting travelers with special needs have come together. Stephen Ashley, author of Walt Disney World with Disabilities and head writer of the Walt Disney World with Health Conditions® website ( had been looking for a travel agency that would cater to his readers for nearly a year. "I was so excited to learn about Off to Neverland Travel®. After chatting with the owner, Chet McDoniel I realized that they have the knowledge to help plan a smooth vacation, but perhaps more importantly, they have the heart to bend over backwards for their clients who have extra needs."


Chet McDoniel was excited to find Walt Disney World with Health Conditions®.  "We felt that the resources on and the Walt Disney World with Disabilities guide book are a perfect complement to our services. We plan to make the book available to our clients and to send them to, which is full of very helpful free resources and articles," said McDoniel. 


Chet McDoniel is uniquely experienced in dealing with health issues while visiting Walt Disney World. McDoniel has no arms and he must ride an electric wheelchair when long distances are involved, such as in the Disney parks.  Stephen Ashley said "I've had the pleasure of getting to know Chet, and I've been so impressed. Despite his physical challenges, he is a person who has a busy, normal life.  He doesn't seem to let his physical challenges get in the way of living life to the fullest.  His friendly, upbeat personality makes you feel comfortable right away."  Concerning his agency's services, Ashley said "It seems they'll go far beyond what most other travel agencies will do to help their special needs clients plan a dream trip. 


Some of the services Off to Neverland Travel® offers include:  

  • Advice and planning assistance with details regarding air transportation
  • Advice and planning assistance with choosing the right resort for your special needs
  • Park touring details and advice when visiting with special needs
  • Dining reservations and advice for guests with special dietary needs
  • Overall vacation planning assistance with special needs being the focus

Ashley's book, Walt Disney World® with Disabilities has extensive information on the services Disney offers it's guests with health needs, how to get your needs met in the parks, resorts & restaurants, details on handling medication & medical equipment, dietary needs, transportation, wheelchair use and suggestions for dealing with specific conditions in the parks & resorts, and much more. It also has in-depth descriptions of the physical and emotional feel and experience of Disney rides and attractions.  The book is written to support guests with "minor" to major health and emotional issues, and is available on the web through the official Walt Disney World with Health Conditions® website at: It can also be purchased on  For bulk purchase and group discounts contact the publisher at (954) 432-1274. 


The website includes free content to complement the book such as Disney World restaurant menus, the special dietary needs policies of each restaurant and a variety of articles designed to help travelers with health and emotional issues plan for Disney. 


The Off to Neverland Travel® website is The phone number is 817-886-0342 and the toll free number is 877-631-8916.  Off to Neverland Travel® can help you plan your Disney Vacations.