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Easy Access Europe - A guide for People with Disabilities

Jun 18, 2004
Robin Goddard
Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door
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New First Edition Rick Steves Guidebook for Travelers with Limited Mobility

Slow walkers and wheelchair users finally have a resource - designed just for them - to make Europe's highlights easy to enjoy. The Old World, creaky and full of cobblestones, has long had a reputation for poor accessibility. But in recent years, Europe has been making impressive strides towards opening its doors to everyone and, as usual, Rick Steves is right there - this time with his newest guidebook, Easy Access Europe.

Easy Access Europe (a first edition) is the guidebook for people who want the best two-three weeks Europe has to offer, but need to travel at a slower pace. In the past, Rick's guidebooks have focused on economic accessibility (travel needn't be a rich person's hobby). With this book, he broadens his teaching to help travelers with physical limitations. Rick covers key European sights, hotels, and transportation for Amsterdam, Bruges, London, Paris, and the Rhine Valley.

You'll find the following helpful tools in the book:

Web Resources & Tips: Lists of travel accessibility organizations and publications, and contact information for air travel and tour companies that cater to people with physical limitations.
6-page full color London Tube Access Guide: How to navigate the underground while avoiding stairs and escalators.
Large type: Easier-to-read 11-point font.

Rick and his co-author, Dr. Ken Plattner, understand that degrees of personal mobility vary tremendously from person to person. They've come up with various ways of letting travelers know what accessibility features to expect at each destination. For more information, visit

Rick Steves is the author of 27 best-selling European travel guidebooks and the host of the public television series, Rick Steves' Europe.

Dr. Ken Plattner has spent 26 years as a family therapist, Professor of Psychology and Comparative Religion, facilitator of Outdoor Adventure Intensives, and as a hospital chaplain. When he's not traveling, Ken leads men's groups, presides at weddings, and provides therapy for people with disabilities.

Book Information:

Rick Steves' Easy Access Europe
By Rick Steves & Dr. Ken Plattner
498 pages; $19.95
ISDN: 1-56691-668-2
Color Maps Included

For review copies, please contact:

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