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National Disability Awareness Month, October 17th event in NYC

Sep 28, 2007
On October 17, 2007, interactive displays will be set up at Lincoln Center,
City Hall Park and Central Park near Tavern on the Green, where people can
experience the Honda Odyssey and the VMI Northstar Conversion for

The focus of RAMP UP YOUR AWARENESS is awareness for mobility products,
especially among Baby Boomers — life doesn’t end when your mobility needs
begin. And also awareness for “Disability Etiquette.” As Baby Boomers age
and require mobility assistance, disability will take on a whole new meaning
and an entirely different attitude.

About Baby Boomers and Disability
A University of Pittsburgh study predicts that by the year 2030, twenty-five
percent of the population will require some kind of mobility assistance. The
largest group contributing to that percentage — Baby Boomers.

The “Forever Young” attitude of the Boomer generation makes RAMP UP YOUR
AWARENESS an important event for several reasons:

- Fantastic companies are creating unique and state-of-the-art products that
everyone should be aware of to help people continue to live very mobile lives.

- Understanding “Disability Etiquette” is something everyone should be aware
of, especially as more of the population requires special assistance.

- Baby Boomers won’t see themselves as disabled and they won’t take well to
being treated as such. RAMP UP YOUR AWARENESS offers solutions for a
mobile life, and answers for treating this new breed of people with
disabilities with respect.

- Baby Boomers don’t plan on leaving the work force any time soon. Many
will pursue new careers out of pure enjoyment as opposed to necessity.