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Jul 30, 2007

last Thursday, July 26, 2007, on the 17th Anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, President George W. Bush released the 2007 New Freedom Initiative Progress Report, which outlines many of the achievements that have taken place since the last such report was issued in 2004. The new report is the most comprehensive document of its kind in the history of this Administration, literally almost double the size of the last report. The New Freedom Initiative, launched in February 2001, is the President's agenda for advancing equality of opportunity and access for this nation's more than 50 million Americans with disabilities.

For your reference, here is the document's Table of Contents:


Foreword by President George W. Bush 1

Executive Summary 2

Chapter 1: Increasing Access through Technology
Promoting Greater Access to Assistive Technology 6
Spearheading Revolutionary Technological Innovations 7
Fostering Policies and Procedures Promoting Use of Assistive Technology 8
Increasing the Availability of Electronic Information 9
Implementing Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act 10
Creating a Robust Assistive Technology Industry Domestically and Abroad 12
Additional Activities 13

Chapter 2: Expanding Educational Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities
Enhancing the Special Education Service Delivery Structure 15
Preparing Children with Disabilities for the Future 17
Enabling Youth with Disabilities to Enter the Workforce or Post-Secondary
Education 17
Providing Post-Secondary Students with Meaningful Internship Opportunities 19
Upholding the Civil Rights of Students in Grade School and in Post-Secondary
Education 20

Chapter 3: Integrating Americans with Disabilities into the Workplace
Addressing Causes for Unemployment Among People with Disabilities 21
Removing the Physical, Programmatic, and Attitudinal Barriers to
Employment 22
Improving the Service Delivery Infrastructure to Support Persons with
Disabilities 26
Eliminating Work Disincentives 28
Expanding the Pipeline of Prospective Employees and Business Contractors 29

Chapter 4: Promoting Full Access to Community Life
Implementing the Olmstead Decision Swiftly and Decisively 31
Securing Voluntary Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act 34
Expanding Transportation to Enhance Mobility 35
Creating More Housing Options 36
Enforcing the Rights of Voters with Disabilities 37
Increasing Access to Healthcare, Services, and Supports 37
Implementing the Recommendations of the New Freedom Commission on Mental
Health 39
Integrating Persons with Disabilities in Emergency Preparedness 42
Protecting the Rights of Crime Victims with Disabilities 47
Improving Access to Telecommunications 48
Working to Ensure that Everyone Counts 49
Increasing Access to Federal Lands 50
Broadening Access to the Arts by People with Disabilities 51

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To read the 2007 New Freedom Initiative Progress Report in its entirety, visit: