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SATH at ASTA World Congress in Hong Kong presents “Access to Freedom Award” to CENDANT Car Rental Group

Sep 28, 2004
SATH at ASTA World Congress in Hong Kong presents “Access to Freedom Award” to CENDANT Car Rental Group

SATH – Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality and The World Partnership in Awareness are pleased to announce that SATH’s highest honor, The 2004 Access to Freedom Award will be presented to Gerard Quirk, Vice President, International Sales & Marketing of Cendant Car Rental Group and Avis Rent- A- Car System, Inc. for their outstanding work in making driving easier for persons with disabilities.

On ASTA’s Stage in Hong Kong on Thursday, September 30, 2004, at ASTA’s General Session, this distinguished award will be presented by Ruth Vidockler, cofounder of SATH; and Donna Flora, CTC, Vice President, Travel Industry Relations, American Express Travel. ASTA has been at the forefront of Accessible Travel for All, and a partner with SATH for over two decades.

Avis Offers Equipment for the Disabled

Avis is working to make driving easier for its disabled customers. The company has established a toll-free number for customers to request equipment for drivers and passengers with hearing and mobility handicaps.
The equipment available includes hand controls for brakes and accelerators, panoramic rear-view mirrors for hearing-impaired drivers, spinner knobs that allow full turning of the steering wheel with one hand and swivel seats that permit the driver or passengers to turn in a car seat with limited effort. Customers who use wheelchairs can request a transfer board to help them into a car. There are also wheelchair-accessible shuttle buses. Avis does not charge extra for any of the equipment. In addition, designated-driver fees for the visually impaired will now be waived at all Avis locations.
The Avis Access program is in place at 80 airports, including Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, all three New York airports and San Francisco. The Company expects to offer the service in 100 cities by next spring.
To reserve an Avis vehicle with this equipment, call (888) 879-4273. The TTY/TDD number for hearing impaired customers is (800) 331- 2323.

Avis Provides Hand Controls

Avis provides, at no extra cost, vehicles equipped with hand control for use by physically challenged individuals. Advance reservations are required. If your client is in need of this special equipment; please 1-800-230-4898 for details and confirmation

Special Medical Needs

There are a number of customers who have special needs or health situations that require specific equipment rental arrangements. Avis will attempt to accommodate health situations whenever possible. An example might be a renter with arthritis who wants power seats; if the car is available, Avis will notify the location in advance of the special need. Sometimes, disabled renters travel with a stowaway. The stowaway is a customer-supplied device used to exit/enter the van. Customers may request an authorized van seat removal to accommodate this device or to allow enough space for a non-collapsible wheelchair like a scooter.

About SATH

SATH, The Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality, is a non-profit organization founded in 1976 to promote the needs of travelers with disabilities and the Mature; and remove physical and attitudinal barriers to free access for all.

In 1994 SATH gave their first ACCESS TO FREEDOM AWARD to President George Bush for his role in enacting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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