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SATH Welcomes New Sponsor MedjetAssist

Jul 28, 2006
Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality (SATH) is pleased to welcome a new sponsor offering a very special benefit for our members!

The MedjetAssist program offers assistance 24 hours a day, arranging emergency medical evacuations for any medical emergency to the nearest appropriate hospital, both in the U.S. and abroad.

For a very special rate to our members, MedjetAssist will provide an air medical evacuation and consultation membership program, that allows our members to be transported to the hospital of your choice if you're ever in need of inpatient hospitalization and find yourself more that 150 miles from home. This type of benefit falls outside of your standard health insurance benefit schedule.

MedjetAssist membership empowers you to get back to the hospital of your own preference, among doctors you know and trust, your own circle of family and friends. There are no health questions to enroll (up to age 75) nor any deductibles, co-payments, claim forms or waiting periods. No standard travel insurance or platinum card offers benefits with this level of medevac coverage.
Domestic Medical evacuations cost about $15,000.00 on average while international transports can exceed $75,000.00. The MedjetAssist discounted annual membership fee of just $195.00 for SATH members ($295/Family) eliminates the need to fund any such costs out of pocket.

You can't predict a medical crisis but you can certainly better prepare yourself for one. Enroll in the MedjetAssist program by calling MedjetAssist at 1-800-527-7478 and referring to the SATH Program or learn more and enroll online at

Through this website (or the following hyperlinks) you can view a 2-minute MedjetAssist video introduction and a 4-minute FOX News interview highlighting their program. These can also be seen at and respectively.

Take trips, not chances! Join MedjetAssist today.