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Nov 23, 2009


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November 19, 2009


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SpecialCare Expands Business to Meet the Needs of Travelers with Disabilities


SAN DIEGO – The story of our expansion began one year ago, when SpecialCare President, Terry Racciato tried to go on vacation.  She had been looking forward to a relaxing tour through the Italian countryside, the castles, the museums, old world cities, and rustic villages.  She anticipated the mouth-watering culinary delights, and planned to sample at least one gelato in each city and village she visited. After months of planning, she finally made it to Italy for her dream vacation. She began her Italian adventure on a beautiful Sunday morning.


Walking away from the first gelato shop, Terry’s foot got caught in a set of trolley tracks recessed into the scenic cobblestone streets of Milan.  She fell, breaking her ankle (and losing her gelato!).  Adding insult to injury, a passing truck squashed her gelato into the cobblestone. Within two hours of arrival in Italy, her planned adventure came to an abrupt end.


The adventure she had envisioned was much different than the one she experienced.  Instead of touring opera houses and Renaissance architecture, she spent a day in an Italian ER.  Instead of searching for cozy cafes and scenic villages, she searched to find crutches on a Sunday evening.  Her new itinerary included three unaccommodating airports and an unplanned layover. Arriving at her hotel after hours and exhausted, Terry found out that her hotel did not have a wheelchair she could use.  She was transported to her room on an office chair, spinning around and around as she was moved down the hallway until she reached her room, which was the absolute farthest point in the hotel from the front desk.  Upon arriving at her room, she was informed that room service was not available, but that the bar next to the front desk could provide appetizers.


The long office chair ride from her room to the front desk, and back again gave her plenty of time to reflect upon the situation.  Terry would have really appreciated a temporary wheelchair, but there was not one to be found.  If only there was a medical equipment concierge – a company that could meet travelers in need any place, any time to provide them with the equipment they need.  Upon arriving back in San Diego, where she was met by a SpecialCare employee and a scooter, she thought, “I can’t be the only one this happens to.” 


From this experience, SpecialCare’s new travel program stemmed.  A medical equipment company that has been serving San Diego residents for 30 years, we are excited to be opening up a new line of rental equipment for people traveling to San Diego or embarking from the San Diego port.  According to Brad Werkmeister of the VGM Group, in 2008, San Diego was the third largest traveling destination in the country for individuals with disabilities.  Approximately 10% of the total US population had a physical disability, which may require some form of medical equipment.  SpecialCare recognizes that those numbers represent huge amounts of people who try to travel with cumbersome equipment and even more who may not travel at all because they fear their medical needs cannot be met.


SpecialCare’s new program is intended to lighten luggage and open up opportunities for individuals with disabilities to travel.  To prevent the sheer hassle involved with dragging expensive, fragile and heavy equipment through airport security, in and out of hotels and onto a cruise ship, we are offering nearly a full line of rental medical and mobility equipment, which will be personally delivered by a trained technician or respiratory therapist to wherever the consumer is in San Diego County. 


Our product offerings include wheelchairs, transport chairs, walkers, scooters, CPAPs and BiPAPs (including battery-operated machines), portable oxygen and concentrators, enterals and portable enteral pumps and hospital beds.  We will also work with travelers whose equipment may have broken over the course of their trip to replace parts while they are here.  Our services can, in many cases, cover emergencies, such as Terry’s, as well as preplanned trips.


SpecialCare’s goal is to increase the abilities of all people to travel and to help them enjoy their stay while they are here.  Traveling is stressful enough without having to worry about airport regulations on equipment, whether or not a scooter or wheelchair will fit into the rental car, or the durability of a CPAP machine.  With SpecialCare’s travel program, a disability no longer has to be deterrent to travel or the activities in which one can participate while here. Travelers renting with SpecialCare can relax with the peace of mind that we have them covered. 


About SpecialCare

SpecialCare is a medical equipment provider serving San Diego County residents and visitors.  Whether services are being rendered in the home or with a traveling individual, our goal is to provide quality, personalized service to the patient, caregiver, physician, and health care team.  With a customer service rating of 97.9% “outstanding” or the highest level of satisfaction in 2008, we offer services to neonates, pediatrics and adults.  SpecialCare maximizes independence and improves the quality of life for our clients by supplying all necessary medical equipment and offering personalized training for the patient/caregiver.  More information is available at