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Feb 10, 2006

Mobility Scooter Presented to Northwest Airlines Disabilities Customer Advisory Board Member

Scootaround donates scooter at 2006 SATH World Congress

January 14, 2006 - Dozens of advocates and representatives in accessible travel were on hand as Scootaround Inc. CEO Lee Meagher awarded a mobility scooter at the 2006 SATH World Congress in Miami FL. The scooter was presented on behalf of SATH to celebrate their partnership in the Clarence Vincent Foundation (CVF), an organization that provides mobility scooters at no charge to qualified individuals.

The scooter recipient was Stephanie Cooper, a current board member of Northwest Airlines' Customer Advisory Board on Disabilities recieved the mobility vehicle. With the scooter presentation coming as a complete surprise, Ms. Cooper later remarked, "I was amazed at the freedom I had at the airport last night. I was able to browse the terminals during my long layover. Normally, with the wheelchair assistance, they take me to the gate where I wait for 2 to 3 hours."

Meagher says that Scootaround's goal is to provide mobility services at all levels, from individual rentals for travelers of all types to corporate and convention services involving hundreds of mobility vehicles. "Scootaround is proud of our association with SATH and will continue to look for ways to improve the mobility and thus the life experiences of people here and abroad."

Meagher is pleased with SATH's involvement in the CVF and shared other news about upcoming plans for expansion. The purpose of the CVF is to provide free mobility scooters to qualified individuals who require such a vehicle for daily living. Visit for more information.

Scootaround Inc. is North America's only nationwide rental company, providing scooter and wheelchair rentals to business and vacation travelers across the country. They also provide mobility enhancement services for conventions and tradeshows through fleet rentals, onsite-programs and assistive staffing. Their web site is:

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