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Nov 25, 2006

Finally, there is a shower for all people who use wheelchairs or who find traditional bathing facilities difficult. And, this is a shower that travels!!

The FAWSsit™ Fold Away Wheelchair Shower is the hottest new addition in home medical equipment. Designed and manufactured by Care Giver Support Products, LLC, this completely assembled, portable shower stall allows a person in a wheelchair to take a shower in any room where there is access to warm water for the shower head, an electrical outlet for the pump to remove the waste water, and a drain. This shower can be set up in the kitchen, laundry room, mobile home, or even in a hotel room, ship cabin, or campsite. Ideal for SATH members!

The FAWSsit™ shower is folded flat when not in use, but when the sides swing open, a flexible but durable nylon-mesh imbedded vinyl drain pan drops down and attaches to the back and sides of the frame. The person in the wheelchair is then rolled into the stall after which a support arm drops down to form the fourth support side for the drain pan. Water comes from any standard faucet to which a hose and shower head is attached. (A universal adapter is also provided to help ensure connection capability.) A custom-designed, UL-tested pump can run either wet or dry and is attached to the back of the shower frame. Waste water is removed from the drain pan at a rate faster than the faucet flows water into the shower stall, and is pumped out to the sink drain. This enables the FAWSsit™ shower to be set up anywhere within up to 15 feet of a water and drain source, but does NOT need to be used only in a bathroom. The shower curtain is a special germicide-imbedded vinyl to help prevent mold or mildew during storage, and has a front privacy panel that may be left open for a care attendant to assist with showering when necessary.

And, the FAWSsit portable shower is safe for both the person in the wheelchair and for caregivers. The shower stall is light weight, at only 28 pounds. It stands 48 inches high to allow for privacy while seated, but enables care attendants to reach in to assist if necessary. Its footprint when unfolded is only 36 X 36 inches, but it folds flat to only 7 X 36 inches for easy transport or storage when not in use. Perfect for travelers in wheelchairs who want to take their shower with them! Care Giver Support Products also sells a travel cover and case for the FAWSsit™ Fold Away Wheelchair Shower.

Most importantly, NO LIFTING OF THE PERSON from the wheelchair is required, so everyone involved stays SAFE. No slipping, dropping, falling, or injuries to worry about with the FAWSsit™ portable shower.

The people of Care Giver Support Products are proud to be a sponsor of SATH and want to see all people with disabilities enabled to live and travel with ease, comfort, and dignity!

For more information, go to, or call 1-877-FAWSsit (329-7748).

P.S. The FAWSsit Fold Away Wheelchair Shower won the award for the Most Innovative New Product at the 2005 MedTrade show in Atlanta!