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Travel Insurance - Don't Travel Without It!

Cynthia Perry, CTC, and Vice President of Sales and Account Relations for Travel Insured International has offered SATH some great advice that we would love to share with all.

They say that passion is behind each successful person, that if you are truly passionate about your work or your beliefs then success will come naturally. As a first timer attending the recent SATH Congress I saw that passion in everyone I met.

I don’t know what I was expecting to experience at the SATH Congress. Honestly, my only disability was my lack of understanding of persons with disabilities. I came away from the conference with a better understanding, and I was truly honored to have met such an amazing and inspiring group of people. The passion of success is in the work of SATH in its mission to make sure everyone with disabilities can explore with dignity and comfort this beautiful world in which we live.

During my 10 years in the Travel Insurance industry my passion has always been, first, to educate people on the importance of travel insurance, and then promote my company and the products we offer to protect travelers. If a person does not understand why he or she should purchase travel insurance then the product means nothing.

There are many things that can happen before or during a trip that can leave you financially or physically distraught. As I am writing this people are stranded in airports all over the country because their flights have been cancelled due to snowstorms. Many of these people are going to miss part or all of the vacations they worked so hard to pay for. Many of them do not have travel insurance.

Weather which causes complete cessation of services of a common carrier for at least 24 consecutive hours is just one of the covered reasons for which Travel Insured International provides Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption protection. Don’t forget that hurricane season is just around the corner, a reality I am very aware of as a Floridian!

Many travel agents, when they offer travel insurance, hear their client say, “I am going no matter what.” Well, many of you reading this know first hand how life can throw you an unexpected curve. Travel Insured International is there to protect you both financially and physically when the unexpected happens.

In addition to Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption coverage, Travel Insured can protect you in many medical emergencies you or your traveling companion may have while traveling anywhere in the world. Most medical plans do not cover once you leave the country, a risk that can potentially be financially disabling in itself. Travel Insured International provides for Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation coverage, as well as Travel Accident protection. Our Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service is available 24/7 while you are traveling, and you are only a phone call away from assistance wherever you are. This is what I call true Peace of Mind!

Travel Insured International is proud to be a partner with SATH, and we have committed to giving a portion of our protection sales from SATH members back to SATH in support of its mission. Travel Insured believes in the work of SATH and is excited about the opportunity to give something back to the traveling community in this way.

If you are a traveler interested in insuring your trip or learning more about Travel Insured’s products and services, please click below or on the Travel Insured link on the SATH Web site. We also invite you to contact our Customer Care department at 1-800-243-3174, and please be sure to mention that you are a SATH member.

If you are a Travel Agent member of SATH and would like to offer Travel Insured International protection to your clients please contact our Customer Care department at 1-800-523-8020, and please be sure to mention that you are a SATH Travel Agent member.

Again, it was a pleasure to meet so many of you at the SATH Congress and I look forward to educating SATH members about our insurance services and protecting all of the many passionate SATH travelers in the future.

Cynthia Perry, CTC
V.P. Sales and Account Relations
Travel Insured International