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The Minutes of The First Meeting

The general discussion was about the re-start of The Bermuda Chapter
Of Sath-International, with Bermuda being a reception area. Our main project
will be to bring out our Access guide to the island with the primary
research being carried out before any publication of our work.

So that the society isn't bereft of information, I have decided to produce a
mini guide which will be half the size of our two former access guides which
are more comprehensive. In time I hope that we can produce a document like
our former work.

I have started the research on this mini guide and have seen a few people
on updating the information. My intention is to to have this mini guide
ready by the high season which is between April to November as this is when
we receive the most visits to our shores be they business or pleasure.

We also discussed the membership rates and after consulting Julie and Mike
the both felt that the membership whilst being reasonable should cover any
costs incurred in the production of membership forms for the industry at

The next meeting will be in April with the date to be confirmed

Yours Sincerely

Richard M. Kitson
Regional Director

The feeling was that we should try to start out small and build up as the
society becomes better known in the community.