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Rovinj, Croatia


Red Tile Roofs: Travels across the Adriatic

By: Andrew Fisher


The narrow alleys twisted towards the depths of the town, catching glimpses of azure sea; I was struck by the human element.  Unique arched doors, brightly painted shutters, balconies adorned with vibrantly colored flowers. Clean laundry strung out to dry from window to window.  Continuing up cobblestone roads to the pinnacle of Rovinj; the view of the Adriatic Sea, harbors and beautiful red tile roofs was breathtaking. 


I have just returned from Veramar a Wellness and Health Retreat at the Rovinj Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Center established in 1888. Rovinj, Croatia, is on the Adriatic Sea, just across from Venice, Italy.


We all met with a medical specialist who helped prioritize our health needs.  My therapy consisted of breathing and strength exercises, massage, and ultrasound directed at my tense shoulder muscles. My favorite was a daily swim in a pool filled with heated seawater.


We visited the city of Pula. Our Accessible bus stopped in front of a 2000-year-old Roman Amphitheater.  We all gasped at the site of this magnificent limestone artifact; a wonder to behold. 


Next was Venice Italy, an hour and 45 minutes straight across the Adriatic. We toured the Grand Canal then meandered through Venice’s winding streets to the famous San Marco Square.  En route we shopped for some Murano glass, and enjoyed another gelato.


Another excursion was to a nearby vineyard overlooking the scenic, hilly farmland and the town of Motovun perched up on a conical hill.  Narrow country roads with hairpin turns were probably driven by famous racer Mario Andretti who was born there.  The restaurant was charmingly rustic.  A traditional Croatian dinner was served. Homemade creamy pasta with rosemary and sliced truffles followed by tender lamb and veal, seasoned potatoes, alongside green salad with a light wine vinaigrette. We enjoyed the owners’ exquisite award-winning wines, then spooned dessert out of small wine pitchers; a unique local delicacy.  We had a lot of fun and hated to leave.


For me, being a quadriplegic, one of the most important amenities Veramar offered was the 24-hour care giving by qualified nurses.  Despite differences in culture and language, we all got along very well with our caregivers.  Our inclusive three home cooked meals a day only accumulated to about 2000 calories.  The included trip to Venice Italy was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And the therapy gave me a head start to join the gym upon my return.


We were all enchantment by this beautiful wellness and health retreat, the culture, other guests and pleasant staff whom we all became attached to.  This was an experience that I will never forget and one I can't wait to repeat in the future!  I highly recommend this destination for a vacation you'll never forget. 


The group that I went to Veramar with stayed for two weeks.  Only 14 days, that went by much too quickly!  I honestly think it would have been better to stay for three weeks. (Once you're there why not spend some time).  I know there are still parts of Veramar and Rovinj I haven't explored.  All the more reason to return!


My name is Andrew Fisher, I am single and have no children and I live in Richmond Hill.  I am a licensed cabinetmaker and I have an education in Travel and Tourism from Seneca College.  At the age of 28 I had a diving accident which left me with a spinal injury and a C 5-6 quadriplegic.  I quite live independently with the help of some caregiving and my ability to drive, further extends my independence immensely.  Before my accident I had the travel bug inside me and it still remains there after, although my level of injury makes it hard to travel for any length of time without a caregiver.  Veramar was the answer to that with their cost included, 24-hour caregiving!


For anybody who might be interested in, or would like more information, (pricing, accommodation, other included amenities, etc.), on a vacation of this type, please feel free to visit Veramar's web site, or send an e-mail with inquiries to  Or you can call Lydia at 647 223-3375 or Andrew at 905-884-3589.