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Jun 22, 2004

Today is winter sol'stice in the Southern Hemisphere and Summer up in the Northern Hemisphere. We have been having the most glorious weather with an average daily temp of around 22° C = 72+ ° F. We are suppose to be in our rainy season, but so far very little rain and this Indian summer is going cause problems for our farmers, as they desperately need rain for wheat and other products to grow.
Our dams here in the Cape Town vicinity are only about 32% full, before last weekends heavy rains, since then we have only had a mild shower or two and Wednesday coming, we expect rain again, but only for a day.
That now enough of the usual weather chat.

Last night saw the last performance of Phantom at our Opera House in Cape Town, which was even better than the two productions I saw in London. The costumes where new and magnificent! The stage props were larger than life and with the modern stage, we can deliver the best. It was really a larger than life production, done in true operatic fashion and style. I was overwhelmed. This leads to another overwhelming wonderful experience, also held in Cape Town which I had the good fortune to attend as a guinea pig for the real thing, that took place last Thursday - The Night of a Dream.

It was a dinner, funds for which are going to the Soc; for the Blind.Say no more the cat is out of the bag - yes a dinner in the dark!We were lead into a room through double blackout curtains, with our hands on the shoulder of the person in front. I was taken to a table, groping for the chair I manage to sit down without standing on anyone's toes or knocking over anything, only to be told you cannot sit next to your husband you have to sit at another table. So on the move again in the dark being lead by my waiter. Found I was next to my brother-in-law, which helped. A voice from the dark said there should be red and white wine on the table, bread and butter, a sauce, salt and pepper and bottles of water. I recognised the voice of Vincent Daniels from the Soc; of the Blind who explained how the evening was going to work and why they came up with this concept.

All other senses now in full alert mode, I found the wine, red had a dry bottle and yes you've guessed it, the white was a wet bottle!

I found the bread and heard someone shout oh no I buttered my fingers. The laughter was loud and nervous and shouts for people with are you OK?? We then had to make conversation with the people at the table, we had only one other guy, so it was easy and our waiter then explained about himself and who he was. He would not tell us what was on the menu though. A bit daunting, we were then given soup. No to have that in the dark without spilling everywhere! We could not fathom what it was, but it was really great. Turned out to be courgette and brie! Would never have got that in a millions years. Then the main course, by then I was quite a good hand at pouring wine, by listening to the sound and change of sound as the glass filled. The food was chicken curry, rice, an assortment of veg that I am stilled not convinced were carrots, butternut and some fresh herbs, those I got right - fennel and fresh coriander. Then after about 40 minutes they lit candles and everyone went - oh no we were just getting into the swing of things. Dessert was cheese cake eaten in candle light.
What an evening, it was really something unique and we had to use our other senses to cope. No mess from me on the table and I realised that my Mom had taught me alot about being a person who was always in the darkness of the night. How we take things and people for granted, us who are able to see like we do, hear like we do, walk like we do. Please give those who are able to get along with the daily routine of living like we do a thought and I challenge everyone - Arrange a "Night of a Dream" dinner, preferable with strangers, ask a friend to bring someone you do not know and place stranger and friend next to each other - you will have a night long remembered and long talked about.
It was an unreal experience like a dream.

That is all from me for the winter edition. No pics - It was dark!!

Next newsletter, my oldest daughter will be a married woman!

Love and hugs from Cape Town, where the Indian summer is in full progress.
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