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Oct 26, 2010

Scootaround Wins Apex Award

for Scooter and Wheelchair Rentals

Most Improved Revenue in Mobility Rental Services

at the Kansas State Fair


ORLANDO, FL - Scootaround Inc. has received the Apex Award for Most Improved Revenue at the Kansas State Fair. Providing scooter and wheelchair rentals for the 350,000+ person fair, Scootaround was able to meet the event requirements while at the same time improving on their previous year's award winning revenues for the show.


"Our traveling fleet of scooters is operated by the most experienced group of professionals in the mobility equipment industry" says Chad Stott, Manager of Scootaround's Corporate Services Division.  "We're very proud of our team members and are particularly pleased to have an organization like the Kansas State Fair recognize their contribution in a tangible way."


Scootaround attributes their success to their robust Central Reservation Program whereby Fair patrons can reserve their equipment up to one year in advance, ensuring them of wheelchair or scooter availability. The respective fair is then assured that the needs of their Special Needs customers are met completely.


"Scootaround's event revenue surpassed last year's totals by 27.14%." said Sue Stoeklein, Commercial Exhibits Director for the Kansas State Fair. "We do monitor these items closely and look forward to your participation again in 2011."


Scootaround supports large events across the nation each month, many with attendances of more than 100,000 people. With 350,000+ people in attendance at the Kansas State Fair each year, Scootaround's team of Mobility Specialists fields reservations on a nationwide basis. "Our primary goal at each event is to provide for the needs of all attendees that require mobility assistance -- we want them to fully enjoy their event." said Stott.


Scootaround's membership in IAFE (International Association of Fairs and Expositions) has allowed many fair managers to take advantage of the Special Needs services available to them and to elevate their level of service to disabled patrons. Improved service is good news for everyone from satisfied attendees through to increased show revenues.


As Scootaround supports hundreds of fairs and events with a projected 20 million+ attendees in 2011, they will do so with a full suite of mobility solutions including scooter and wheelchair rentals, assistive staffing and attendee shuttling for all types of events including conventions, meetings, seminars, and expositions.


About Scootaround Inc. -

Since 1997, Scootaround Inc. has been North America's only nationwide mobility equipment company, providing scooter and wheelchair rentals and sales to all customer types from individual travelers through to Fortune 500 companies. They also provide mobility enhancement services for conventions and tradeshows through fleet rentals and onsite-programs. Scootaround is a proud sponsor of the Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH) and an accredited member of both the ARA and CRA Rental Associations.


Scootaround special needs services include rentals for motorized scooter, wheel chair, ECV, and powerchair equipment types. Disability services are available for the elderly and those with mobility issues for convention, vacation, business, cruise and convention travel.