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I have always been a believer in travel insurance and have urged my clients to take it out as well as taking it out myself.  It always makes me feel better and seems like it protects me from having anything bad happen during my trips.  On my last cruise, however, I had reason to see that it didn’t work like a charm, but provide me with coverage that I was very thankful to have.


On the 17th night of a 19 night cruise, coming out of the bathroom I tripped and fell, breaking my ankle.  Of course, I went to the ship’s doctor who confirmed that it was broken and a nasty one at that.  I spent the last day of the cruise in a wheelchair with an elevated leg and not too much pain due to pain medication. Upon docking the next morning, I was taken to a local hospital in Kent, near Dover, England and after x-rays; etc. was scheduled for surgery the next day.  The arrangements for, and transportation to the hospital was arranged by the ship and was quite efficient. I had surgery on the ankle and stayed five days in the hospital before flying home. Bless the doctor at the hospital,  He told the insurance that I couldn’t possible fly home coach as I had to elevated my leg for the entire journey back to Los Angeles.


The insurance arranged the transportation home as well as paying almost all of my husband’s expenses while waiting for me to recover enough to make the trip home.  They did have a $100.00 per day limit up to a $500.00 on expenses but his were not much more.


Upon arrival home, we submitted the expenses that we had incurred and the insurance company paid them all.  Fortunately we have medical coverage by Kaiser Permanent which covers all medical treatment abroad and we have always been thankful for that.  I have not totaled up what this would have cost us without insurance, but I am sure that it is much more that I would have wanted to pay.


I was so happy that this occurred on the end of our cruise as I would have hated to miss the gorgeous scenery that this cruise provides.  Although Norway is not an inexpensive country, it happens to be one of the most beautiful ones in Europe.  I would recommend this cruise to the land of the midnight sun to anyone who loves scenery and unusual ports of all.  This cruise is certainly among my favorite of all the ones I have taken.


Jill Bellows

Nautilus Tours and Cruises