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Scootaround Introduces Meet and Greet Services to Walt Disney World

Dec 3, 2012


Scootaround Introduces Meet and Greet Services to Walt Disney World

Enhanced Scooter and Wheelchair Rental Program for Orlando Visitors


Orlando, FL - Scootaround Inc. is introducing an expanded level of service in Orlando with the launch of a new Meet and Greet service for customers renting electric scooters (ECV), wheelchairs and powerchairs for their stay at Walt Disney World hotels and resorts.


"A significant number of our customers are traveling to Orlando and staying at Walt Disney World properties. We thought about what we could do to create an enhanced service and to better serve these customers. We came up with the idea of a meet and greet service." said Kerry Renaud, Scootaround's President and Chief Operating Officer.


"This really gives us the opportunity to connect with our customers, answer questions and address any concerns they may have. It also lets us personally meet our customers, and to thank them for choosing Scootaround. So far, the response from customers and Walt Disney World personnel has been outstanding," said Sue Kelly, Scootaround's Orlando location manager.


When a customer rents a scooter, wheelchair, or powerchair for delivery at Walt Disney World properties in Orlando, a Scootaround customer service representative will work with them to set up a specific delivery time. Upon delivery, a Scootaround representative will personally meet the customer, thank them for their order, and give them a quick tutorial of the equipment. When the rental is over, a Scootaround representative will again meet the customer to pick up the equipment.


About Scootaround Inc.: Named on Inc. Magazine's top 5000, Scootaround Inc. is North America's leading nationwide mobility equipment company, providing scooter and wheelchair rentals and sales for travelers, through to Fortune 500 companies. They also provide mobility enhancement services for conventions and large events through fleet rentals and onsite-programs. Scootaround is a proud sponsor of the Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH) and an accredited member of both the ARA and CRA Rental Associations. Scootaround is a proud supporter of Paralyzed Veterans of America.


Scootaround special needs services include rentals for motorized scooter, wheel chair, ECV, and powerchair equipment types. Disability services are available for the elderly and those with mobility issues for convention, vacation, business, cruise and convention travel. Scootaround also provides a Nationwide mobility equipment repair service for airline carriers and passengers. For more information, please visit 


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