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Scootaround provides new services.

Sep 1, 2011


Enhanced Mobility and Accessible Solutions from Scootaround

National Provider Expands Services To Meet Increased Demand


ORLANDO, FL - Scootaround Inc. has expanded its services and administrative functions to support a growing demand for mobility equipment and accessibility services.  They accomplished this by doubling their head office space, implementing an expanded-capacity telephone system and adopting a fresh new look to their branding.


"As the demand for mobility services grows each year, Scootaround realizes that improved systems and enhanced services become a priority." said Kerry Renaud, COO of the Orlando-based company. "Staying competitive in a growing market means continuing to provide our unmatched level of service in the industry - that has been the Scootaround advantage over the past two decades".



Recent technical enhancements include the installation of a new telephone system with advanced skill-based routing functions. This allows Scootaround representatives to better support the growing demand from both local and overseas travelers and businesses. Scootaround customers are already benefiting from reduced on-hold times and the elimination of dropped calls.


The company also moved its international call center and administrative headquarters into a new building, effectively doubling in size. "It's great to work in a dynamic environment where you're in the middle of the action each day, and we now have more space to develop our retail business and Airline Services Division" said Renaud.


"The new logo better defines Scootaround's global reach, as we serve not only the North American market, but international travelers and cruise ports worldwide. Our new logo pays homage to the ubiquitous International Wheelchair Symbol, which has been in use since 1968" said Gerald Adams, Manager of Online Services. The new Scootaround logo sports circular rings that represent both the wheels of modern mobility equipment and the freedom and accessibility gained through the use of these vehicles. The top section of the logo calls to mind a caring figure with outstretched arms circling the globe.


"Our new logo helps to reaffirm Scootaround's industry leadership and aptly defines our mission: to be the provider of mobility services for traveling customers worldwide." Renaud added.


About Scootaround Inc. -

Since 1997, Scootaround Inc. has been North America's only nationwide mobility equipment company, providing scooter and wheelchair rentals and sales to all customer types from individual travelers through to Fortune 500 companies. They also provide mobility enhancement services for conventions and tradeshows through fleet rentals and onsite-programs. Scootaround is a proud sponsor of the Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH) and an accredited member of both the ARA and CRA Rental Associations.


Scootaround special needs services include rentals for motorized scooter, wheel chair, ECV, and powerchair equipment types. Disability services are available for the elderly and those with mobility issues for convention, vacation, business, cruise and convention travel.