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The Program for Corporate Sponsorship

Partnership In Awareness
The Program for Corporate Sponsorship

Partnership in Awareness
Corporate Partnership Charter

Because the Americans with Disabilities act is now law, increasing numbers of persons with disabilities are traveling, touring and enjoying hospitality services and leisure activities.

This market, coupled with the market of mature travelers, represents significant annual revenues to the tourism industry.

SATH has created Partnership in Awareness to promote awareness, respect and accessibility for this travel market. We are proud to welcome the following corporate Partners in Awareness:

American Express

Together, we pledge our best efforts and understanding as participants in Partnership in Awareness to promote:

AWARENESS of the needs of disabled and mature travelers.
RESPECT for disabled and mature travelers.
ACCESSIBILITY to accommodate disabled and mature travelers.
EMPLOYMENT opportunities for qualified disabled persons.


Become a Corporate Partner
You are cordially invited to become a corporate Partner in Awareness. In doing so, you will join an active and prestigious group of travel and tourism companies which pledge to promote awareness, respect, and accessibility for disabled and mature travelers, as well as employment opportunities for qualified disabled persons.

Your tax-deductible sponsorship of $3,500 or more to support SATH and the annual Awareness Week will provide you with the benefits of full partnership in Awareness Week. This includes placement of your corporate logo on the Awareness Week letterhead, full promotion and publicity in all Awareness Week events and publications, and a place in the future design and development of the projects and plans for Awareness Week. But most importantly, you become one of our growing list of benefactors who will help create an environment of accessibility for everyone -- everywhere.

To become a corporate Partner in Awareness or to learn more about corporate partnership programs please contact us through email or contact Mira Berman at 212-447-7284.