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TSA - Travelers & Consumers Persons with Disabilities & Medical Conditions

Reprinted from TSA website:

Persons with Disabilities & Medical Conditions

In order to assist persons with disabilities or medical concerns, TSA has developed guidelines with input from various groups. We then trained our airport screeners in the methodology needed to ensure secure and comfortable screening at all TSA checkpoints.

Please refer to the links below to assist you as you make travel preparations.

Before You Go

Tips for the Screening Process

Mobility Disabilities

Hearing Disabilities

Visual Disabilities

Hidden Disabilities

Pacemakers, Defibrillators, Other Implanted Medical Devices, & Metal Implants

Supplemental Personal Medical Oxygen



Assistive Devices and Mobility Aids

Prosthetic Devices, Casts, and Body Braces

Walkers, Crutches, and Canes

Augmentation Devices

Orthopedic Shoes, Support Appliances, and Exterior Medical Devices

Service Animals

Children with Disabilities

Medical Conditions and Special Situations

Tips for passengers with disabilities for the other transportation modes (Passenger Rail, Passenger Vessels, Highway & Mass Transit) are under development. Please visit this site frequently for updates and additions.