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WOMEN'S DAY : August 9, 2004

Aug 9, 2004

Ten years ago when South Africa became a democracy, public holidays were changed and the present government decided that Women should be honoured and celebrated with a special day, so 9th August became our day.

In Africa "Mama" is the pivotal part of the family, the head of the family, the one who keeps soul and mind together. The one who works for her family, as often the men were away in mines or just away, leaving the woman the head of the family. You speak to any African man and ask who is the most important person in his life, most of them would say their mother, even when they are married and have their own children.
Through strife, turmoil and hardship, the Women of Africa, no matter their culture, creed or religion will protect their family at all costs, like the Lioness, the Cheetah or most female of any species, but here more so than that, her son and daughters are the future and she knows that instinctively, so never cross a cross African Mother of any type. She is proud and strong and will always fight back for her rights and those of her children.

We salute you "Mama's of Africa" on this Women's Day - Stay strong!

Below is something I wrote some years back, after meeting some very inspirational people.



Pam Taylor

I, too am an African woman

You look at me with bewilderment

For what you see is a white woman living in South Africa

Many see me through the eyes of their struggle

All painted with the same brush - the white oppressor

You do not know my heart, my soul, my mind and my African spirit

My heart belongs to Africa,

Beating to the drums of Africa

My mind, although Westernised, has been nurtured in Africa

My soul is born in Africa

My Spirit is found in Africa

I, too am an African woman – in a white facade.