Mobility Scooter Etiquette / Tips For Individuals With Special Needs

By Andrew Garnett, Founder and CEO of Special Needs Group, Inc. As baby boomers are now in or reaching their mature years, a record number of people are driving around in mobility scooters, whether it be on vacation, in a supermarket, at a convention, etc. While those driving scooters deserve the respect of others in […]

How To Travel With Mobility Impairments

Today the wheelchair symbol is probably the best known international accessibility symbol; however, not all those with a problem in moving around use a wheelchair all or even part of the time. Whether you have a problem walking and use a cane or crutches or have a medical condition which makes walking difficult such as […]

How To Travel with a Hearing Impairment or Deafness

If you wear a hearing aid, pack extra batteries and a spare hearing aid in the event of breakage. Tell the flight attendant, train conductor, etc. of your hearing impairment or deafness so that you will be notified of any emergency or other announcements. Your travel agent should also give advance notice of your needs […]

How To Travel With Diabetes

With modern methods of glucose control, persons with diabetes should be able to travel without problems. However, before undertaking a long journey or one which involves crossing several time zones, anyone with diabetes should have a full medical evaluation. Some points to be considered during trip planning: Check with your physician whether any vaccinations or […]

How To Travel With Arthritis

People who suffer from arthritis are not a single group, but they do have certain characteristics in common resulting from their disease such as pain in the areas affected, frustration due to limitations of movement, and the inconvenience of not being able to move about freely. Some of those affected have localized pain and inflammation […]

How To Travel With An Older Adult

An Essential Guide to Traveling With an Older Adult by Adriane Berg The idea of intergenerational travel conjures up thoughts of warm family closeness, laughing together, and newly created shared memories. But, the pitfalls and dangers of traveling with an older adult are rarely taken into consideration until a serious problem arises during the trip. Fortunately, there […]

How To Travel with a Speech Impairment

One of the main problems which a person with speech impairment has to overcome is that in his desire to avoid calling attention to his disability, he often fails to communicate his needs to those who would be able to assist him. If you have such an impairment, make sure your travel agent is aware […]

How To Travel With A Sight Impairment Or Blindness

Information for People who are Blind or who have a Sight Impairment There are many opportunities for people who are sight impaired who wish to travel, however the number of companies which operate specific programs for such people have recently fallen considerably due to the fact that several companies have closed for one reason or […]