Adaptive Golf in Barbados

Whether disembarking  from a cruise ship or flying into Barbados on an all-inclusive holiday to enjoy the sun, sand and sea, there should be something for everyone and that includes golf!    Whether you are hearing impaired/deaf, blind , have limited vision, limited mobility or you are an amputee,  you can  till enjoy golf!   Barbados  has all the  ingredients for a wonderful golf game …..

The Caribbean sun, lush tropical foliage,  and aqua sparkling waters…just add a few dashes of friendship  and  unlimited laughter and you have the recipe for an unforgettable holiday!! 

The origins of golf are much debated. However it is clearly one of a family of similar ball games that were recorded across medieval  Europe, and many of the unique elements of golf evolved in the port towns around  eastern Scotland from the medieval period onwards.

The National Amputee Golf Association is one of many excellent accessible golf associations who offer  adaptive golf programs.  The following are an  example of tournaments  Barbados could potentially host. 

  • National  Senior  Invitational Championship – Members over 50 yrs. of age and 36 holes medal Play
  • National Amputee Invitational Championship – 54 hold medal play.
  • Celebrity/Amputee Tournament∙        Assists in planning of the Robinson Cup – Ryder Cup format matches – 2 teams, U.S. and International.

Categories of Adaptive Golf

Limited Mobility

Long after golfers lose the mobility and stamina they once had, they dream of continuing to play the game they love and THEY CAN!!….. with Adaptive Golf Carts and adaptive equipment……. thousands of golfers who are enjoying the stable, comfortable and fun way to get back in the game and what can be better than a round of golf in beautiful Barbados!!     

BLIND GOLF – “You don’t have to see it to Tee it”

Little did Clint Russell  know that when he lost his sight  in 1924 then  began playing blind golf in 1925, that he would be setting the platform for the  ever-growing and popular game of blind golf.

Today there are several sanctioned regional blind golf tournaments which alternate locations between the United States and England.

Clearly, Barbados could provide a perfect setting for a blind golf tournament which could be combined with an inviting  package to include the so many other wonderful attractions Barbados has to offer.


Kevin Whalley,one of the founders of World Deaf Golf Federation searched for 8 years for a deaf golf organization before forming of WDGF in 1995. 

The 1st WDGC was held at Forest of Arden Country Club Resort in Meriden, Warwickshire, England. Fifty-eight golfers from eight countries met for the first time and participated in the event. The eight countries were Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States.

As with the blind golf, this would be a great opportunity for Barbados to “show the world what it’s got” by proposing to have one or more of the tournaments on it’s beautiful island in the sun. 

Modified  Rules for Golfers with disabilities



National Amputee Golf Association

11 Walnut Hill Rd
Amherst, NH  03031


Adaptive Golf Equipment

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