All UK Airports Should Use The Eagle 2 Lifter Says Disabled 4 Disabled.

Let us be honest for a minute, how many people at a UK airport think about disabled passengers when travelling abroad for their holiday in the sun?

But did you know, that around 20% of the UK’s adult population has some form of disability, and that figure is set to rise even higher, and could you imagine how some of those people struggle to get onto a plane?

Disabled 4 Disabled

One person who is thinking about disabled people going on holiday is Liam Dwyer from Disabled 4 Disabled.

Liam wants to see all airport install a new clever device called the Eagle 2 Lifter, which is used to help take disabled people on board a plane and gently lift them into their seat. At the moment, it can be a serious struggle helping someone get into a seat on board a plane.

Disabled Air Passengers

Liam Dwyer demonstrating the Eagle 2 Lifter

Although airlines and airports provide dedicated staff to help disabled people get on a plane, can you imagine what it’s like when the only option to get into a seat is a stranger having to lift you up, someone you have never met before who struggles to lift you.

It can be embarrassing, especially if you are shy, and lots of people watching. It’s things like this which make the Eagle 2 Lifter such an important device and a device that all airports and airlines in the UK and around the world should use.

How It Works

How would you feel if you had trouble getting in your seat? Being disabled can happen to anyone at anytime. Also, using the Eagle 2 Lifter can reduce the time it takes to help a disabled person get into their seat.

The Eagle 2 Lifter is already being used at some airports throughout the world but we would like to see it used at far more in the near future.

It works by lifting a disabled person out of their wheel chair. It then transports them to their plane seat and gently lifts them into it. The transfer is a simple few steps process that not only saves time, but it also provides a disabled person with a less embarrassing way of securely being seated.

Probably the best way to demonstrate this is to view the video of Liam demonstrating it :

UKACP Thoughts

We think that the more people get to know about the Eagle 2 Lifter they will be able to see just what a positive solution it provides in helping disabled people get on board a plane and into their seat.

Getting into a plane seat is something we all take for granted so it would be great if people could get on board (excuse the pun) and get the word out about the Eagle 2 Lifter.

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