New Zealands South Island A Wheelchair Users Guide

Our trip around the South Island of New Zealand begins and ends in Christchurch, the main international gateway.

The South Island of New Zealand has often been described as rolling the best of the whole worlds scenery in one small accessible package. It is blessed with magnificent Alpine scenery from the Southern Alps, which form the spine of the island. It has some of the most perfect coastal scenery from the peaceful bays of its Pacific Coast to the wild ruggedness of the west coast. It has thermal hot springs, some of the best wine growing regions of the world, arguably the best Whale Watching and Dolphin encounters, and a fiordland almost as good as Scandinavia.
The map below allows for quick navigation to a place of interest or simply scroll through the page to read the full blog.

I have just finished writing up a review of the South Island of New Zealand after spending two weeks there earlier in July 2009.

My review is at


Bill Forrester

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