The Freedom to Come and Go

Milalá is a project that encourages those with reduced mobility to walk, travel and enjoy life. In this space, we present a selection of incredible experiences that the project’s creator, Mila Guedes, experiences and makes possible in 22 years as a patient with multiple sclerosis. In fact, the disease made it possible for her to […]

The Parapan American athletes discover Machu-Picchu

Back in August 2019, the Para-Panemerican games were held at Lima-Peru between August 23rd to September 1st 2019. This event gathered athletes from all the Americas, who trained really hard through out the year to give their best performance during the competition. At Lima 2019, there was 17 sports to compete at, which made this […]

The San Gennaro Catacombs in Rome

In Rome, early Christians escaped persecution and buried their dead in catacombs.  From the 18th century until the mid-twentieth century, tourists doing the “Grand Tour” of Europe escaped the heat of Roman summers in them. Sophisticated travelers and pilgrims have visited the catacombs of Rome for centuries.  Even the most sophisticated travelers don’t know there […]

Red Tiled Roofs – Travels Across The Adriatic

The narrow alleys twisted towards the depths of the town, catching glimpses of azure sea; I was struck by the human element.  Unique arched doors, brightly painted shutters, balconies adorned with vibrantly colored flowers. Clean laundry strung out to dry from window to window.  Continuing up cobblestone roads to the pinnacle of Rovinj; the view of the […]

Wheelchair Sea Adventure

By Dawn Ziegler It’s always a bit risky taking a journey to a remote destination where accessibility may be in question.  But seven years after his accident, Steve Pisano, a T3-4 paraplegic, packed up his cameras and ventured to Alaska for an experience of a lifetime aboard the Sea Wolf Adventures cruise ship. It was through […]