Adaptive Golf in Barbados

Whether disembarking  from a cruise ship or flying into Barbados on an all-inclusive holiday to enjoy the sun, sand and sea, there should be something for everyone and that includes golf!    Whether you are hearing impaired/deaf, blind , have limited vision, limited mobility or you are an amputee,  you can  till enjoy golf!   Barbados  has […]


Each New Year’s Day, you either want to be here or stay the hell away.  We’re talking about Colorado Boulevard, the main drag going down through Pasadena, California and the Tournament of Roses Parade that takes place the first day of each year…unless it’s a Sunday…and serves as the pre-game festival for the Rose Bowl.  Sitting just a 20 […]

Kerala – Kettuvlam

Saroma Greetings !!! The detailed features of our Accessible Houseboat (Kettuvallam) are given below: 1) This Kettuvallam in the name of Saroma is  Gold Star Classified and is mentioned in the official website of Kerala Tourism. Having got this classification, we can proudly present you one of the most luxurious kettuvallams plying in the back waters of Kerala 2) This […]

Fernando de Noronha, after ten years a great surprise: finally accessible.

What a great experience it was this time returning to Fernando de Noronha and find that previous obstacles for us wheelchair users, no longer exist.  Exactly ten years ago I almost went crazy looking for a hotel that would accommodate me.   It was beyond difficult just trying to put luggage in a buggy and trying to deal with a rude taxi driver who did not hide his prejudice for the disabled people … Result of last trip: A lot of effort and exhausting effort even taking a shower, trying to get through a bathroom door only 0.60m wide with my wheelchair let alone participating in any […]

“How a German Town Improved Access – Including for Visitors – and Revitalised Itself

Guest article by Anna Huebner, Masters student at the Aalborg University in Denmark and intern at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, Auckland University of Technology   Dahme/Mark ( is a small township with some 3.500 inhabitants about 100km south of Germany’s capital Berlin, in a region which was and still is regarded as an economically […]

HIMALAYA ON WHEELS: Have Wheels, Will Travel

A wheelchair-friendly circuit makes Ladakh accessible for the differently abled. For those confined to wheelchairs, travel is a daunting task, and more so in India where facilities for the differently abled are often non-existent or minimal at best. So it was a welcome move when a responsible tourism and rural development enterprise, which organises off-the-beaten-path, […]

12-Night Eastern Mediterranean and Egypt Cruise

June/July, 2009 By James Glasbergen, Director of Accessible Travel at Frederick Travel – World On Wheelz There aren’t many cruise itineraries that allow you to visit 3 ancient marvels like the Colosseum in Rome, the Parthenon in Athens, and the Pyramids at Giza all in one cruise, which is why I was excited in June, […]

Traveling to Missouri

byLigia Andrade (Zuniga), M.A. Traveling alone to a destination you have never traveled to, knowing no one but one person, and they don’t even know you’re coming is pretty scary, right? Imagine adding being a quadriplegic to that equation. Now it seems even scarier.  Well, it is very scary, but totally doable, because I did […]

On Safari in a Wheelchair: Inclusive Tourism in KwaZulu Natal

Scott Rains, Rolling Rains Report I travel a lot – more than most other quadriplegics that I know. Even so when I first look up at the sky on every trip to the southern hemisphere I am temporarily disoriented. It’s not like I am a celestial navigator. I couldn’t find my way home from […]

Latin America for all: Making the impossible possible!

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” -Francis of Assisi I believe this phrase fits perfectly for a person like me, who has to learn how to live with a disability. Almost five years ago, I had a horseback riding accident that left me with a paraplegia […]